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The UK, by jingo!

The October 31st that just past was supposed to mark a completion point, where a crafted and agreed withdrawal agreement would separate, in a courtly manner, the UK from the European Union. That, of course, didn’t happen. The UK’s deliberative representative democracy and its fractious domestic politics precluded that.


We pray for Mexican sovereign residence…

The recent massacre of Mexican/American dual nationals of an off-shoot Mormon community, committed on the highway system in northern Mexico, surged through global media channels – the fact that those killed were largely women and children burnished the press mantra that “if it bleeds, it leads”. Official commentary from Mexico points to a heinous mistaken […]

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Compare and Contrast

In the global capital markets, the rating agencies stand visibly, directing traffic and cueing investors. They represent a tantamount public good, although one powered through issuer fees, subscriptions and whatever general ability the agencies have to sell their product. Their mandate is large, and the market demand is real, though.


Consider Intermediation

During the last few years, the Basel-based Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has further articulated is global monitoring role to keep tabs on what it calls “Global Systemically Important Banks” or “G-SIBs”.


It’s the institutions, stupid!

The above title is a riff on the famous James Carville quote, which sums up his understanding of what’s critical to a successful US presidential run.

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China Pause

Given the current trade negotiating round and ever present static noise in Washington, I would like to recommend a clarifying book, “The Hundred Year Marathon”, by Michael Pillsbury, which casts a critical eye on the US-China relationship.


Debt Service, Not So Much…

What’s interesting to think about is where we’re standing versus where we’ve been. In some ways – though certainly not in every way – geopolitical tensions, country risk, and general political risk have an association, or at least some connection, with general economic conditions: the more parlous those economic conditions are, then perhaps the more […]