MMD-GlobalAdvisory delivers bespoke data risk analysis

MMD delivers bespoke country risk and capital markets analysis that is pragmatic and attentive to the needs of the client. Existing analytical services—rating agencies, sell-side research and the like— are often influenced by multiple stakeholder issues. MMD has no competing interests

MMD Global Advisory Tool Kit:

MMD Global Advisory‘s Analytics address Country Risk, the Capital Markets and emerging developments in global markets.

MMD Global Advisory Early Warning Systems (EWS)

  • Covering 10 large emerging market economies
  • Threshold driven Noise to Signal model for currency crisis risk
  • Incisive “heads up” on potential country macro crisis

The MMD Solvency Institutional Resilience Estimate (SIRE) Discerning And Estimating Sovereign Default Risk

  • Logit model covering 200+ countries
  • Cross comparative scope
  • Critical in direct risk, inventory and collateral management

The MMD Country Tenor Guideline (CTG) Based On The SIRE Score

  • Covering 200+ countries
  • Risk-adjusted per country
  • Effective tenor exposure management tool

The MMD Political Risk Curve (PRC) –
The Political Risk Curve Viewing Country Political Risk Vulnerability:

  • Based on IBRD World Governance Indicators (WGI)
  • Compare country PRC vs. avg “default” & “non default” curves
  • Standardized, formatted and measured
  • The PRC offers a comparative graphic on political risk