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MMD Global Advisory is an independent country risk and capital markets advisory firm. We combine the benefit of experience, qualitative analysis and quantitative technical rigor to assess fundamental conditions underpinning risk and opportunity.

MMD Global advisory is an independent country risk and capital markets advisory firm providing practical and effective services:

The Valuable Hour

  • Assessment on country specific strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Insightful scenario discussion and review of contingent risks
  • Counsel on geopolitical risk exposure

Capital Markets

  • Transactions/commitment review from country risk perspective
  • Guidance on tenor and limit exposure
  • Highlight on immediate risks and more long term secular risks

Corporate Treasury

  • Assessment on convertibility risk/capital controls risk
  • Country risk and counterparty suitability
  • Country risk effecting vendor, counterparty and country exposures

Internal Audit Function

  • Country Risk Management (CRM) as critical component of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process, reporting to the Audit Committee or full Board of Directors
  • Effective CRM communication and practice in the organization
  • Counsel on geopolitical risk exposure

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Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

—Benjamin Disraeli

October 2023 Managing Director Mike McDonnell participated in the Private Investor Mastermind event hosted by Family Office Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

June 2023 MMD develops its Gross Risk International Premium (GRIP) methodology toward determining the risk premium or hurdle rate for investing in the global real estate markets.

January 2023 Mike McDonnell conducts the PRMIA Thought Leadership Webinar "A Political Risk Primer" for the industry association membership.

August 2022 MMD develops its proprietary Geopolitical Risk Framework composite scoring system and "tear sheet".

MARCH 2022 Mike McDonnell leads PRMIA Thought Leadership Webinar, "A Four Point Rendering of the Geopolitical Environment", focusing on the critical factors affecting geopolitics and its influence on risk-taking.

June 2021 Mike McDonnell leads PRMIA Thought Leadership Webinar, "Country Risk: Select Case Studies", focusing on the type and variety of country macro crisis episodes.

September 2020  MMD Managing Director Mike McDonnell conducted a Thought Leadership Webinar, "Covid-19 and Country Event Risk", for the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA)

January 2020  MMD relocates main office from Berkeley to Walnut Creek, California

September 2019 Mike McDonnell delivers webinar for the Western Bankers Association (WBA), "Understanding Credit Risk Management in this Volatile Global Environment from a Country Risk Perspective".

August 2019 Mike McDonnell gives presentation, "Country Risk: Select Case Studies", at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

March 2019 Mike McDonnell delivers lecture, "Country Institutions and their Importance – Extractive vs Inclusive", at the Munich Business School.

January 2019 MMD develops comparative of Solvency Institutional Ratings Estimates scores (SIREs) and internal ratings vs agency sovereign ratings.

January 2018 MMD develops its Political Risk Curve methodology highlighting relative country vulnerability to political risk event/insurance claim occurrence.

November 2017 MMD engages in informal discussions on Country Risk, Sovereign Default Risk and Risk Management practice with leading multi-lateral.

October 2016 For CRO at large institutional investor, MMD provides review and model-supported default risk assessments and tenor guideline recommendations covering Latin America country survey.

July 2016 MMD relocates main office from Starnberg, Germany to US location in Berkeley, California.

March 2016 Spring Munich Country Risk Forum, MMD co-moderator of the event hosted at Siemens in Munich. Representatives from seven area financial and corporate institutions participated.

March 2016 MMD develops Country Tenor Guideline model covering 200+ sovereigns and applicable toward loan and direct-risk counterparty exposures.

February 2016 MMD conducts Country Risk Workshop at Bayern LB in Munich.

December 2015 Mike McDonnell delivers lecture “Country Risk: Select Case Studies” at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

December 2015 MMD conducts Country Risk Workshop at the Multi-lateral Investment Guarantee Agency in Washington DC, “The Non-Honoring of Sovereign Financial Obligations – Methods on Risk Assessment: Presentation and Discussion at MIGA”.

October 2015 Fall Munich Country Risk Forum, MMD co-moderator of the event hosted at Allianz SE in Munich.

August 2015 MMD develops logit-based sovereign default risk model covering 202 countries and sovereign jurisdictions.

May 2015 MMD develops noise-to-signal based Early Warning System (EWS) model covering ten large emerging market economies.

March 2015 Mike McDonnell delivers presentation, "Country Risk: Relevance for Non-bank Financial Institutions", at IIF executive program on country risk held in Dubai, UAE, and jointly sponsored by the IIF and DIFC.

March 2015 Spring Munich Country Risk Forum, MMD co-moderator of the event hosted at Bayern LB in Munich.

December 2014 Mike McDonnell delivers lectures on country risk at political economy seminar held at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

November 2014 Participant at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) Economic Advisory Committee (EAC) meetings, Madrid, Spain.

September 2014 Munich Country Risk Forum, co-moderator of inaugural German forum.

May 2014 Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), Doha. MMD Country Risk Workshop.

November 2013 International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington, DC, panel discussant in internal workshop on ᅠRisk Management Framework.